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edited November 2014 in Development
Hi ! I'm close to finish to translate the php pages in french, any chance the files could be accepted here ? :) ( my little contribution...) need to be debug ( just in case ).
I don't have all the hardware so i can't test if arduino and all relays and captors are ok whith my changes. :)
Some volunteers ? ^^


  • This is good, glad to see the community coming together and polishing this project.
  • Hi fatalflo, yieldbuddy

    I have too translated a good part of the project, as well as small customisation for co2 and other stuff, and got it running pretty smooth
  • We could help each other !
  • it would be great to take the translation and merge it with the B+ update (in which I haven't had a chance to look at yet, but will in about 2.5 weeks).
  • edited November 2014
    Hi guys !! :)
    When i posted the first time, the translate was already done, just waited for some responses and...i forget ^^

    here the link on Gdrive whith the translated files :

    Yieldbuddy in french

    I just hope i don't missunderstand some stuff, i'm a total beginner on indoor grow ...( outdoor too... ^^' )
    Thank's and enjoy :)
  • Hello I am also willing to help.
    I can do in German and Russian translation .
    I'm waiting on news . Thank you for this work !
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