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Upgraded Forum - Let me know if there are any problems.

Upgraded to the most recent version of Vanilla (the forum).  Let me know if you encounter any problems and I'll work on fixing them.  Thanks.


  • your private messaging function is inoperable, but thjat aside I stumbled across this site recently, I have been developing a similar system for the past six months for a Sr. Project at my university and I have tons of data to correlate the findings I have so far( in terms of nutrient distribution , added beneficial fungi etc etc etc) if you would like to collaborate and create a improved version of the nutrient distribution model I have been working on let me know,I have an awesome idea on how to integrate it into yield buddy. 
  • Hi yieldbuddy,
    There is a lot of porn on your site.
    Have you been hacked?
    Just try search for 'image' - I was looking for the latest raspi image file!

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