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Water nutrition sensor.


Is any one know if any sensors available that can measure the levels for all water ingredients required by plants? 


  • I don't think there is anyway to detect individual nutrients, but what you should do is use a PH sensor and also a ECC/TDS sensor and then calibrate it to detect what your optimum TDS and PH level should be and auto adjust where needed. I have PH meter in and when it goes low then my pump will add 5ml of PH up and wait 2 cycles of the water if still low add another 5. for Nutrient of TDS, I have it set to make sure my PH is set at my required level first and then add extra wait 2 cylce and test again. If TDS is too high then the only option is to add water, but I haven't got to the point yet to auto flush and add water yet.
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