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My current developlent files

Hi all,

I have been working on getting a Yieldbuddy system running for some time, figured i would share my files at this point.

Currently the Arduino code is working with DHT22, Digital Light Sensor, GY-271 magnetometer, analog soil moisture sensor, 8 relays board.

- all sensors function and log
- all relays are controllable
- added code for 4 ultrasonic sensors i use for measuring rain barrel levels
- 1 tank sensor is up and running on the Dev board.
- all other sensors are live and logging through Dev board
- added 2nd graph page for a current total of 8 working graphs.

I added folders for both raspberry PI and Ubuntu 14.04. I found the raspberry PI just not up to the task of all the logging and web server. The system is far faster running under Ubuntu LAMP server but still currently using sqlite3. The raspberry PI folder web pages are behind the Ubuntu folders since i am currently just getting the Ubuntu server ready for the spring planting season.

I am pretty sure you could take the files from the Ubuntu folder and install them to the raspberry PI and the web side should still work.

Changes on the server under Ubuntu
- FTDI USB to TTL converter would often drop out of the system causing crash with infinite loop logging "error reading from serial"
- added trap code to catch the 3 conditions that exit the serial check routine
- current code will reconnect after loss of serial comm. Tested on my system i can unplug the USB device see the errors and full recovery one its plugged back in regardless of which USB port.
- to make this work you need to add udev rule to redirect your given serial device to a device called yieldbuddytty

Too many changes and tweaks to list you can find the Dev files here most of the details can be found on GitHub repository.

my main goal next is to get the sdcard logging working on the Arduino and get the Yieldbuddy daemon running on Ubuntu, currently i have to run it manually.

All the readings in the database on GitHub are current live readings as of last sync to GitHub. Sensors are mounted in my mini greenhouse currently full of summer vegetable seeds. Yieldbuddy is controlling the lights in this unit as well.

Have a great day.................

recognition goes to Yieldbuddy and 45farms for the initial code, my code is a fork of 45farms which is a fork of yieldbuddy
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