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yieldbuddy v1.15b Released - Manual install or SD image

edited March 2013 in Announcements
Fixed up the setup, changed to and, and created a img of my SD card. Let me know how the image turns out. It should work with the 'free' space added along with the FAT and Ext4 partitions, but if it doesn't just let me know and I'll address this.


  • I tried the manual install again and after putting the yieldbuddy in the var/www folder which already existed on my raspberry pi. I ran the and still when I go to the http://"ipaddress"/yieldbuddy/www/overview.php I cannot go to any other screen and it is blank except buttons and banner. Do you have email address I can send screen shot? I can give you ipaddress and logon for my raspberry pi to see what I am seeing.
  • The biggest problem I was having with the original Envirocontrol was
    Sending Command: relay1 on
    Unable to open file! 'Command'

    I have the sketch loaded on mega and connected to raspberry pi but can't seem to turn on or off any of the relays.
  • That looks like a permission issue. That shouldn't be a problem in the current version. You could chmod 777 /var/www/envirocontrol/Command for now, beware that that will make that will make it read, write, and excutable by everyone.

    Any success with the new version?
  • That fixed that problem. Should the relay status change on screen after command is sent? This is actually sending command serially to arduino at this point correct?
  • The php page updates the 'Command' file with the string "relay1 on" then the python program reads that file, see's "relay1 on" and send it serially to the arduino.

    You have to make sure ./ is running. It handles the work between the php page and the arduino.
  • If I am using the envirocontrol then it is the that must be running correct? What actually starts that and how do I verify it is running on raspberry pi?
  • Yes, but the old stuff is full of bugs. The project is coming around. The daemon script I just wrote for this update (v1.15c) makes sure everything stays working and the install script is much better now - no more white blank screens, daemon installs as service, etc. Just reboot after installing.
  • I understand. The reason I ask is to understand the code because I have a need to build something like this for a customer and do not want to take someone elses work and use it for profit so I was trying to understand to write my own similar web interface, it doesn't even need to be a detailed and complex as yours. It is also for a hydroponics project.
  • Be careful when doing too many writes to an SD card, my cards were failing until I switched to the SQL server.
  • How about using an external usb harddrive?
  • They're much better. It should work for you, might want to increase the delay though.
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