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edited August 2013 in Announcements
As mentioned in previous posts, the forum will no longer accept Google or Open ID logins.  If you were logging in using your Google or Open ID login credentials, then please create a site-specific login instead.  This is an effort to reduce spam.


  • Hi!
    Unfortunately, after download version yieldbuddy image, i extract and write to sdhc card, and boot.
    at cursor
    raspberrypi login: default
    password:           default
    login incorrect
    Please help me
    thanks and regards
  • edited June 2014
    I don't mean to sound rude but, do you know anything about the raspi? It's a default login. Google is your friend.
  • login: pi
    password: raspberry

    It's not mentioned in the instructions because it's assumed you have a basic knowledge of the raspi, or are able to use google here and there.
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