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  • Hayabusajarry

    Is this project still actually active?
    Are there any more comprehensive guides?
    Although I have used Pi a bit I have never used the Arudino and particularly how to connect the two.
    Does your project work with the latest hardware? PI3 etc


    January 10
  • I recently came across this project and am very interested in implementing it this semester.  I saw this morning that you've released an up-to-date image for the B+ model.  It seems the part list is a few years old, could you post an updated version for those of us not so great with the hardware aspect? 
    February 2015
    • Old_Guy
      Any response to this?
  • So if I use some of your code how would you like me to display your website on the screens?
    March 2013
    • catwan
      I have a request for a project that would require a system like yours. Are you selling these systems or is this for your own private use? I of course would make mention to your site. The highcharts I noticed is not free to use for anything other than personal use, otherwise you need license for it.
    • catwan
      I have made some changes to your code since I need to control some motors and monitor speed of motors. Also needed to control some solenoids.
    • yieldbuddy
      Sorry, didn't see this question... Just the logo is fine, obviously people will change to suit their needs. Thanks - this will just help generate more traffic to the site.
  • I have the resolution to the same. Could you try (the username and password are "default") I can't make much sense why this look likes this.
    March 2013
  • yieldbuddy joined.
    Welcome to Vanilla!
    February 2013